Our Guide to Buying

Committed to Your Needs

Fenix Property are committed to helping you turn your property dreams into reality.


When you come to Fenix Property in search of your perfect property, we will look to establish your goals and set about achieving them for you. It is our job to listen to what you want and to work with you with care and consideration at all times.


We will guide you through the process of buying a house, providing advice on property values, investment potential, finance options and legal requirements.


Your Wish List

We often hear "but the agent didn't listen to me!" While this may be true of some agents, your Fenix Agent is trained to listen – not to talk.

Knowing your requirements early really helps us help you. Sometimes however, your circumstances and priorities can change. Often, we will check with you to ensure we remain on track.

Facts that help us in finding you the right property include:

  • Area/s
  • Price range
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Style of home
  • Proximity to childcare/primary and secondary schools
  • Garden size
  • Drive on access and or garage
  • Special requirements e.g. no stairs

Your Essentials

It is important that we know the absolute most important features you want in a property and will not compromise on. They may include:

  • A separate office / study
  • Sun aspect
  • Security
  • Garage
  • Low maintenance grounds

These requirements are unique to each buyer. Also give some thought to features you most definitely do not want in a property.


Viewing Properties

We will show you those properties that best fit your requirements.  This will be at times to suit you and the owner of the property. You will be kept informed of all changes relating to the properties you have viewed and you will be advised of new properties as they come on the market.


Viewings of properties take time.  We recommend you do not rush or disregard too quickly.  Try not to judge a property from the outside only.  Some properties have little or no street appeal but have much to offer inside.  An inspection will confirm your first impression or will pleasantly surprise you.


When the right property presents itself be prepared to make an offer. We will encourage you to do so as many people have found their perfect home and missed it because they did not take the opportunity when it as available to them.


The Dangers of Offering too Low

Once they find the property they wish to purchase many buyers are tempted to “start low” with their offer.


We understand, but would not be giving you complete service if we did not warn you of what can happen.


1. The seller could feel insulted, and become difficult to negotiate with from then on.    

2. The seller may think you are a bargain hunter “having a go” without serious intention to buy and dismiss your offer altogether.


If you are serious about purchasing the property it is wise to make a genuine offer that reflects your serious intentions and appreciation of the true value of the seller’s home.



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