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Our service for buy to let landlords and property investors started off as a simple property find and acquisition service. Due to the sheer volume of investment property we now deal with, we’ve developed this service into a full end-to-end solution for rental investors in the UK.

Due to our well established, lettings and management services, our experts are well positioned to offer high quality, effective and dedicated property investment services in the local area.

We also have dedicated teams to manage all aspects of the property once you are ready to let, but where you should really take advantage of our expertise is in the buying process. We can give you insights into the market and provide you with all the information you could need.


Getting Started

Buy-to-let properties have become a very popular form of investment over the past two decades and the trend is set to continue as mortgage lenders develop new products dedicated to the buy-to-let market. Changes to the pension market have also boosted interest in this most tangible of investments.

Providing you have an adequate deposit to put down or adequate equity in your main home, buy-to-let remains an excellent long-term investment, providing both income and capital growth despite occasional fluctuations in the property market. Buy to Let should always be seen as a medium to long term investment.

The key to success with buy-to-let is not to buy with your heart, but to buy with your head. Make sure you choose a property that is in demand in the area and not necessarily one that you would want to live in yourself.

Tenant demand is strong and looks set to continue to grow as first-time buyers buy much later in life and still struggle to raise deposits in many cases. Attitudes to renting have changed and it is now seen as a perfectly acceptable alternative to home ownership, as it is in many other European countries.

Buy to Let properties can make you money in two ways:

1. Capital Growth (the value of your property going up)
2. Rental income

Whilst a buy-to-let property can make you money, it also has the potential to lose you money if you choose wrongly or the market experiences a drastic change. Make sure you have contingencies in place so that you can afford any drops in the property market, interest rate changes or vacant periods. You can insure against non-payers; we can recommend a provider.

Fenix Property are here to help make sure that your investment is a profitable one and not one that will cost you money.

Buy to let Property in The North East

In recent times there has been a lot of press coverage surrounding Buy-To-Let investment; the truth is that it remains as relevant as ever. Over five million UK households (21% of the total) are now renting their homes and this proportion is even higher in The North East.  Due to the overall lack of housing provision and issues of affordability, more and more people are having to rely on the Private Rented Sector. Private Landlords are playing an important role by providing homes for those who are unable to purchase their own.

Whilst past performance is no guarantee of future success, there are lots of reasons and economic factors that make the case for Buy-To-Let as a very worthwhile medium to long-term investment.

Interest rates are at an all-time low which is why more and more people are looking to invest in something more solid. Adding to, or starting, a buy to let property portfolio with Fenix Property is a fantastic way to make your investment capital work harder for you.

Why should you consider a Buy-to-let Investment?

  • Buy-to-let property investments are popular among those looking to add to their pension.
  • The number of landlords has continued to increase, proving it’s an asset worth investing in.
  • Often there is an opportunity to add value – this could be a simple cosmetic makeover or new kitchen to make the property more appealing. Alternatively, works such as extensions or extra bedrooms could significantly increase the rent and further improve the Return on Investment.
  • Regular Income – unlike many other investments, with Buy-To-Let you will know what rent to expect each month
  • Security of Bricks and Mortar – many people say they feel safe investing in property because it represents more than just numbers on a balance sheet- your funds are providing a useful and tangible asset and you can even drive by and look at it!
  • Leverage – another unique advantage of owning property is that you can borrow against it. In other words, you may be able to release funds for a special project or rainy-day expense whilst still benefiting from any income the property generates as well as any capital appreciation.

Historically, purchasing property has been one of the safest ways to invest but it has also been one of the best performing investments and this still remains the same. A UK buy-to-let property investment brings together the benefits of a regular income along with capital appreciation in the long-term.

For those investors looking to make a buy-to-let property investment now is a great time to begin the process. Rental prices are increasing and yields of up to 10% can be achieved and in some cases more, especially if the right property is purchased.

Here are just a few ways we can help:

1. Property Appraisal

At the earliest stage of your buy-to-Let investment make sure you contact us to carry out an appraisal on the property you are looking to buy. It is always best to get an independent appraisal on the property from a Letting Agent and not just advice from the agent that is selling the property. There are several reasons for this:

a. Over Valuation - the agent selling the property might just tell you what you want to hear to agree the sale - don't forget that the agent only gets a commission when a sale is completed.

As a dedicated Letting Agent our specialist lettings experience means we know what a realistic rental price will be, we won’t just 'quote you happy' to get the business - A property won't let if it is overpriced, costing you money in void periods.


b. Demand in the area - again we will be able to advise on whether there is demand for the type of property in question. As one of the the largest independent Letting Agent in the North East our database of active applicants is always growing, resulting in us being able to give you a realistic indication into the demand for your property.


c. Work to be carried out - we will be able to advise on any work that will be needed to adhere to legal requirements and also any work that will be needed to achieve the best possible rent. You may not need to carry out as much work as you think.

2. Access To Over 10000 Potential Tenants

Our database of active tenants means that as soon as you choose us to market your property, we will email all applicants who are looking for a property similar to yours.



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